Friday, 24 April 2009


Jimmy had a problem, it was one he couldn’t hide
It made him want to stay indoors and never go outside
For Jimmy wasn’t handsome, no, he could have been far cuter
Without the great distinction of a truly massive hooter

It ran in Jimmy’s family, as noses often do
His father’s was a whopper and his mother had one too
His schooldays had been dreadful, other kids were rarely kind
They teased him every day and he’d pretend he didn’t mind

He never had a girlfriend, never even had a date
But Jimmy had a dream that he was sure would change his fate
To help him live a normal life, the same as other guys
He’d have some plastic surgery and cut it down to size

It took him seven years to save the money for the op
He lived on bread and water, and he simply wouldn’t stop
Denying every comfort that his body might be urgin’
For Jimmy was determined to afford the finest surgeon

The day arrived, and it was time to take the bandage off
And looking in the mirror he was sure folk wouldn’t scoff
To see him now, so handsome he could hold his head up high
And confidently, boldly, look the world straight in the eye

He strode out from the clinic with a gleeful, jaunty air
He smiled at all the pretty girls, returning every stare
But as his satisfaction reached a level quite profound
A falling grand piano mashed him straight into the ground

He thundered through the Pearly Gates, demanding to see God
Who listened to his tale and said, “You know, it’s really odd
I’d planned all sorts of goodies that were lined up to surprise you
But now you’ve lost your great big schnozz, I didn’t recognise you!”

Will Hames, April 2009


Mad Aunt Bernard said...

Love the bit with the grand piano - if only all of life's problems could be sorted that way!!!

Heather said...

Poor Jimmy - that Mad Aunt Bernard hasn't a sympathetic bone in her body!