Tuesday, 3 March 2009


I don’t play golf with Charlie now
We don’t see eye to eye
We had a nasty falling out
Which ended in “Goodbye!”

I didn’t mind the fact that Charlie’s
Jokes were really weak
And even though his swing was sorely
Lacking in technique

That didn’t seem to matter
As we’d play a round or two
But there are some unsporting things
A guy should never do

Like sneezing as you’re teeing off
That isn’t fair at all
And accidentally on purpose
Treading on your ball

And cheating any time he can
And making lame excuses
And crowing when you miss a shot
And sulking when he loses

And handing you a putter
When he knows you need a driver
Would you put up with stunts like that?
No. Charlie wouldn’t either.

Will Hames
March 2009


Rhett said...

Liked this!

CHARLAX said...


and EYE am charlie

what a poem
this takes some reading

Brad Eubanks said...

Seriously, a fan.

~m~ said...

lol!! hilarious!!
love all your work actually!!

Aunt Bernard said...

Funny! Like your blog :-)

Mad Aunt Bernard said...

And by the way - the doobrey button on your calculator is only on the very scientific models (in between the 'degree' and the 'radian' buttons)